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欧洲肉品 - 传统,优质和美味---强势登陆IFE第十五届中国(广州)国际食品展

时间:2015-04-24 00:00  作者:IFE China   点击:

European Meat Launch in IFE China International Food Exhibition 2015 
欧洲肉品 - 传统,优质和美味---强势登陆IFE第十五届中国(广州)国际食品展

"European Meat-tradition, quality, European taste" will launch in IFE 15th China(Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition and Guangzhou Import Food Exhibition 2015 in China Import and export fair complex. 

The promotional and information program "European Meat-tradition, quality, European taste" presents high quality fresh, chilled and frozen meat and its products, produced in the European Union, including beef (e.g. collar, tenderloin), pork (e.g. neck of pork, shortloin, tenderloin, forend, ham, shank) and processed meat products produced in accordance with HACCP quality system: the ISO trade standard, a set of GMP standards and GHP activities, as well as high quality poultry meat.

We are waiting for you in China Import and Export Fair Complex, Area C on June 4-6, 2015. 


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