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Guangzhou International Family medical and fitness equipment exhibition 2015
Guangzhou International Family medical and fitness equipment exhibition 2015
Date: June 4-6, 2015   Venue: China Import &Export Fair Complex, Area C, P.R. China
China Healthcare Association for the Promotion of International Trade
Guangdong Healthy Food Industry Association
Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
‖Sponsor‖Guangzhou Yifan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.  
‖Supporter‖China Healthcare Magazine;  Pharmacy Diversification Magazine
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, health awareness is 
growing in China. According to the Statistics, household health expenditures increase 20& annually, 
with increadible market potential for the development of family medical and fitness equipment industry. 
Guangzhou is the central city of the Pearl River Delta region, the total GDP exceed more than trillion 
million, personal income reach over 90,000 yuan, which is of super consuming powe. In order to show 
the new products ,new achievements, new technologies of family medical and fitness equipment, to 
promote the healthy development of the industry, Our committee do great effort to make this trade show 
one of the best business platform, through multi-channel media publicity, all-round professional 
audience invitation and overall service. 
‖Exhibition Products‖
[Home health equipments]: pain massage equipment, home health care self-testing equipment, blood 
pressure monitors, electronic thermometer, multifunction therapeutic apparatus, blood glucose meter, 
visual acuity improved equipment, improve sleep equipment, oral health health supplies, adult health 
care appliances, family emergencytherapeutic products;
[Family medical rehabilitation equipments]: home cervical and lumbar traction, traction chair, 
physiotherapy equipment, sleep device, massage device, functional chair, functional bed, support, 
medical inflatable air cushion;
[Home TCM equipments]: TCM diagnostic instruments, Chinese medicine treatment instrument beauty 
and fitness, beauty equipment, body shaping equipment, outdoor sporting goods, multifunction fitness 
equipment, SPA equipment;
[Family therapy devices]: magnetic therapy equipment, hyperbaric oxygen therapy equipment, spectral 
radiation therapy equipment, physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment, biofeedback instrument;
[Household disinfection and purification products]: skin, mucous membranes and other medical 
disinfectants, sanitary purification and disinfection supplies, improve indoor air quality equipment;
[Sleep health equipments]: multifunctional bedding, multifunctional bed, health mattress, medical 
mattress, healthy sleep system functions mattresses, functional mattress with functional home textile 
materials, electronic sleep products, new peculiar sleep products;
[Fitness equipment]: rowing, bodybuilding car, walking machines, the United States and waist 
machine, treadmill, exercise bike, climbing machines, strength training equipment, wrestling training 
products, leisure and fitness products, etc
‖Advantages of the Exhibition‖
1.  The “Family Medical Fitness Equipment Exhibition" get strong support from the government, the 
relevant functional departments will organize companies & organization to visit and purchase, focusing 
on attracting medical supplies distributors, agents, pharmacies, shopping malls, healthcounters, 
community hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes, cadres of health centers. Visitors covers 
doctors, nurses, public family, sub-health group, beauty and fitness health museum professional 
2.  The Family Medical Exhibition is held at the same time as the large-scale professional exhibition 
"21th Guangzhou International Medicines and Health Industry Expo" and "Guangdong pharmacy 
purchases Exop”, which attract more related proffesional visitors as well.
3.  The committee will print more than 500,000 copies of invitations & tickets, post to the professionals 
visitors, and focus on calling & home visits agents & distributors in the Pearl River Delta region.
4.  The exhibiton get great support from overseas supportors, which will organize pavillion visitors 
aboard, from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, Europe and the United 
States, etc.
5.  Organizer Yifan Exhibition Company is member of the Guangzhou Exhibition Industry Association, 
which has nearly a decade of experience in organizing exhibitions, we have established professional 
buyers database,  has a database of approximately 300,000 puchasers, can target to the revelent 
industry businessman,cover the whole country.
6.   Economic medicine", "six" Chinese medicine "Health News", "Guangzhou Daily" Nanfang Dushi 
Bao "six months of advertising, Guangdong TV, Southern TV
7.   Full coverage of Media support is another highlight of the exhibiton, like《 Hong Kong Ta Kung 
Nespaper》, 《South China Daily and other media》《Guangzhou Daily》, Guangdong TV, South TV, 
Bus advertisement, etc. to attract visitors for the exhibition.
‖Visitor datas‖
There are totally 39,635 visitors during last exhibition
‖Exhibition condition‖ 
The enterprise has the Business License, Exhibition Products Certification, and Original Certification.
‖Exhibition Booths and Price‖                                                              
◆Raw Space:USD300/ sqm(the minimum area is 36 sqm)  (Raw space will be charged 
construction management fees: RMB28/ sqm, No facilities will be offered to Raw space)
◆Luxury Booth: USD3280/booth(9 sqm)corner booth will be charged 10% extra fee
Facilities: Two/three partitions, name banner(signage), 1 reception desk, 1display cabinet,1 glass 
round table, 4chairs, 1dustbin, 6 spotlights,two or three displays, 1 1electric socket(220V,500W),
‖ Advertisements in Cataloge‖            ‖Other Advertisements‖                                  
Front cover: USD4, 600/per (130*210mm) Advertisements on Rainbow arch: 
USD1, 300 for each one (18m width)
Back cover: USD3, 300/per (130*210mm) Air Balloon: USD1, 100 for each one
The second front cover: USD 2,000/per (130*210mm) Printing advertisement out of the 
exhibition hall
 (Price can be available upon request)
The second back cover: USD 2,000/per (130*210mm) Rent for meeting room (Price can be 
available upon request) 
The third front cover: USD2, 100/per (130*210mm) Advertisement on exhibitors/visitors badge: 
USD2, 300(210*90mm)
Inside color page: USD1, 000/per (130*210mm) Advertisement on tickets: 
USD800/10000 sheets (210*90mm)
Inside white and black page:USD 500/per (130*210mm) Advertisement on gift bags: 
USD3100/2000 bags
‖Exhibition Schedule‖
Move-in Date: June 2-3, 2015 (9:00---17:00)
Exhibition Date: June 4-6, 2015 (9:00---17:00)
Move-out Date: June 6, 2014 (14:00)  
(Note: The application deadline for this exhibition is Apr 28, 2015(14:00))
‖Application procedure‖       
1. The applicators receive the invitation and fill it out
2. The finished application should send to the organizing committee in form of fax or letter (with official seal)
3. The organizing committee will verify the qualifications of the applicants and pre-assigned the booths 
and fax the Notification Form for Pre-Assign Booths to applicants.
4. The applicants should pay within the time stipulated in the Notification Form for Pre-Assign Booths
and fax the bank remittance receipt together with the Notification Form for Pre-Assign Booths to 
organizing committee for reference.
5. The organizing committee sends the Booth Confirmation Letter to the exhibitor once the payment is 
6. Exhibitors can set-up booths on set-up day with the Booth Confirmation Letter
‖Committee office‖
Guangzhou Yi Fan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Address: Room 201, Yin Yan Building, No.25, Yan ling Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Post 
Code: 510507 
Contactor: Ms. Echo Chen  Mobile: + 86-15013161291   Tel: +86-20-61089279   Fax: +86-20-61089459
Website:       E-mail: