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What Exhibitors Say About the 13th IGO China

time: 2019-10-29

2019第13届国际粮油展 参展商 安徽中科光电色选机械有限公司市场部长章余

"We have participated in the exhibition for two consecutive years. This exhibition has a great influence. This year's scale is larger than last year. In this event, our company also signed intent agreements with several companies and we will definitely come to the next edition.”

--Zhang Yu, Marketing Director of Anhui Zhongke Optic-electronic Co., Ltd.

2019第13届国际粮油展 参展商 黄筱淮-益海嘉里食品营销有限公司-小包装油综合品牌项目部专业副总监

"I think this exhibition is very good. Compared with previous years, there are more exhibitors, and the companies that come to visit are more diversified."

--Huang Xiaohuai, deputy director of the small package oil comprehensive brand project department of Yihai Kerry Food Marketing Co. Ltd.

2019第13届国际粮油展 参展商 佳格投资(中国)有限公司厂长迟华忠

"We have participated in the exhibition for the fourth consecutive year. This is a platform for mutual communication with consumers, academia. It is also a business event that enhances the value of products and promotes products. This year has a lot more customers than in previous years. And we will continue to participate in the next edition. "

--Chi Huazhong, factory manager of Standard Food Co. Ltd

2019第13届国际粮油展 参展商 勐海曼稥云天农业发展有限公司市场营销部总监胡曾缘

"This is our first time participating in the exhibition. The influence, popularity and professionalism of this exhibition are very strong. Our company attaches great importance to this exhibition and will continue to participate next year."

--Hu Zengyuan, Manager of Marketing Department of Teyunan Co., Ltd.

2019第13届国际粮油展 参展商 永修县农业农村局副局长袁飞龙

"This is our first time participating in the exhibition. What we are looking for is the popularity of the exhibition in the country. The effect of the exhibition was very good. The organizer provided a lot of resources for us and participated in 5 business matching sessions. We signed a lot of purchase and sales contract agreements and we will come to exhibit next year. "

--Yuan Feilong, Deputy Director of Agriculture and Rural Bureau of Yongxiu County