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The 14th China (Guangzhou) International Edible Oil & Olive Oil Expo

China Import and Export Fair Complex

2020 Preview

China (Guangzhou) International Edible Oil & Olive Oil Expo (IOE China) was founded in 2008 which focused on creating high-quality exhibition for the oil industry. The expo is co-located with the 29th China (Guangzhou) International Health Industry Expo (IHE China) and now has become an important B2B platform for the edible oil industry.

Exhibition Area Exhibiting Countries Exhibitors Visitor Entries
60,000 M2 45 1,500 100,000

Why Exhibiting?

  • IOE China has been recognized as the largest and most authoritative edible oil industry exhibition in China
  • Brings together world-class renowned brands such as MAVRAS, NOOR FES, AHUACATHAN,.etc
  • One-to-one business matching with VIP buyers will help to get quality leads and close the deal efficiently
  • Telemarketing and email campaigns to 350,000 database to ensure you a sufficient amount of leads
  • More than 40 conferences and special activities to keep you updated of the latest industry information, regulations and development trends in China
  • Cooperation with more than 300 professional media and over 100 mass media will help to spread the exhibition and your products widely in China.

2019 Facts and Figures

Exhibition Area 50,000m2 Business Matching 1720
Exhibitors 1,203 Exhibiting Countries
Overseas Exhibitors 360 41(Italy, Canada, Korea, Czech, Russia, Japan, Australia, USA, Poland, Malaysia, Mexico, Egypt, New Zealand, Jamaica, Hungary, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Slovenian, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai.etc.)
Visitor Entries 81,507
Conferences 48
Special Events 56

Exhibitor Review

Exhibits Categories

Peanut Oil 16% Peanut Oil 14%
Soybean Oil 8% Olive Oil 9%
Camellia Oil 13% Walnut Oil 5%
Blend Oil 12% Linseed Oil 5%
Other 6% Machinery & Equipment 12%

Exhibitors by Region

Asia 65% Europe 20%
North America 4% South America 3%
Oceania 8%

Renowned Brands


This is the second time we participate in the show. We choose this show because it is a famous edible oil show in China, with large scale. We are glad to to share our high-quality olive oil to Chinese market.

——Mr Luis Rubio, manager of PALACIO DE LOS OLIVOS

Visitor Review

Visitors by Region

South China 71% East China 10%
North China 5% Central China 4%
Northeast China 1% Northwest China 1%
Southwest China 1% Overseas 5%
Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan 2%

Title of Visitors

Agents/Distributors/Wholesalers 25% Importers/Exporters 18%
Manufacturers 17% Shops/Retailers 11%
Chain Supermarkets/Stores 7% Restaurants/Hotels 6%
Others 6% E-commerce
WeChat Business
Government/Association/Group 3% Pharmacy 2%

VIP Buyer Groups

  • Global Union
  • Guangdong East Chamber of Commerce of Importers & Exporters
  • Hongkong China Chamber of Commerce
  • Guangxi Supplier Industry Association
  • Guangdong Food Circulation Association
  • Guangdong E-Commerce Industry Association
  • Guangdong Cross-border E-Commerce Industry Association
  • Shenzhen Food Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Food Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Western Food Industry Association
  • Guangzhou Cooking Industry Association
  • Huizhou Food Industry Association
  • ......

Key Buyers Include...

  • One-to-one business matching with local distributors, agents, traders and hotels to help you close the deal efficiently.
  • We also invite buyers of Franchisees & Agent, Shops/Retailers, E-commerce/WeChat Business to help you further expand sales channels.

Conferences and Special Events

The 6th International Conference on Rice Bran Oil

This conference was held in Guangzhou for the first time in 2019. It was organized by the International Rice and Oil Council and supported by 28 experts and scholars from six countries. Hundreds of representatives from Japan, USA, Denmark, Thailand and Vietnam attended this conference to discuss the current situation and trend of rice bran oil industry.

Food and Oil Awards Ceremony

Organized by Chinese Cereals (Please contact us for more information.) and Oils Association, more than 100 authoritative experts and enterprise representatives from the rice and oil industry attended this ceremony. By honoring excellent brands, it aims to promote the healthy, safety and innovated development of the industry.

Exhibits Categories

Edible Oil Peanut Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Soybean Oil, Corn Oil, Blend Oil, palm oil, Sunflower Oil,etc.
Healthy Oils Olive Oil, Camellia Oil, Linseed oil, Corn germ oil, Peony seed oil, Wheatgerm Oil,Garlic Oil, Coconut Oil, Grape seed Oil, Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil, Rice Oil, Perilla Oil, Safflower seed Oil, Seabuckthorn Oil, Pumpkin Oil, Walnut Oil, Almond Oil,Sesame oil,etc.
Machinery &
Machinery & Equipment: Oil Equipment, Bottle Blowing Machine, Labelling Machine, Filling Machine, Pressure Filter, Conveying Equipment, Dryer, Centrifugal Machine, Mixer, Oscillating Screener, Crusher, Stoning Machine, Evapo-separated Machine, Reduction Drive, Condenser, Elevator, Ink-jet Printer, Filling Equipment and Assembly Line, Glass Bottle, Can etc.

Contact Us

Guangzhou Yi Fan Exhibition Co., Ltd
Room 202, Yin Yan Building, No.25-27 Yan Ling Road, Tian He District, Guangzhou, China
Tel: +86-20-88521856
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